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I am 26 years old and looking forward to the rest of my life.

I enjoy the ocean at night..
I love tattoos..
I love music...
I love pandas, too.

I'm falling for someone and it's exciting because it's new and he's wonderful...

so much on my mind and so much to contemplate.. way too much to handle right now. i just hope that everything works out well saturday because i am really looking forward to spending the entire day at the beach with he who shall remain nameless <3

apparently I am the sweetest and most passionate girl that he’s ever gotten to know. and apparently I am the only one he really wants to spend time with anymore. he tells me that it would be a privilege to call me his.. and that he seems himself falling in love with me….

i hate that my past has tainted my heart. i feel like i can’t even believe him because someone whom i thought i loved.. said all the same darn things to me… and where is he now? where was he ever? 

but this isn’t about the past. this is new.. and special. i’ve never felt so respected.. so well treated.. so i owe it to myself to break free from the fear of rejection.. break free from the fear of loving again.. 

i feel like everything has happened so quickly.. mostly because it has haha.. i met him in like… November? I think? but he seems to have fallen for the idea of me and him.. he treats me as if i was his girl- to be honest. but, we just haven’t taken that step- making it “official”.. putting a label on what it is we share.. he says we will talk about it when we are alone next. lately we have been spending time together with my kids, which i like. he loves kids… and my kids seem to like him. we went to the park with Evan yesterday and he was playing basket ball and tennis with him. it puts a smile on my face.. 

tomorrow we will have some time alone.. we are planning to go on a hike to Rubidoux Mountain =) 

anyway.. time for bed. 

<3 i hope to come back to some interesting questions ;D